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October 10, 2017
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Many people are surprised to hear that adults can be adopted and that turning 18 years old doesn’t necessarily preclude one from that much desired sense of permanency and family. The reasons for an adult adoption vary of course, but most often it’s the result of a close familial relationship that’s existed for years but was never legally formalized. Other reasons may include financial protection for the adult adoptee in the form of inheritance as well as health insurance and social security survivors’ benefits for the adult full-time student.

In the State of Arizona, any adult may adopt another adult who is at least eighteen years old but not more than twenty-one years old. The adult person being adopted must also consent to the adoption and be a stepchild, grandchild, niece, nephew or cousin. This even extends to former foster children who were placed as juveniles in the home of the adopting adult and who’ve maintained a continuous familial relationship for five or more years.

The court may choose to conduct an investigation requiring a designated person to submit a written report regarding the nature and length of the relationship, the competency of the adopting adult and the adoptee and a determination if the best interests of the parties would be served in granting the adult adoption. The court may even decide if there are interested parties that should be made aware of the adoption proceedings.

There are other restrictions and rules of procedure that apply to adult adoptions of course. On the other hand, adult adoptions can be far less complicated than juvenile adoptions. The consent of parents, a government entity or that of any other person is not required in an adult adoption; only the consent of the adoptee is a prerequisite. The process could take several months; however, the judge’s final decree of adoption would most certainly bring significant resolution to a family’s desire for completeness.

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