All You Need To Know About Managing Repeat DUI Offenses And Penalties

As with the majority of criminal charges, any individual charged with driving under the influence (DUI) will be considered innocent until proven guilty. Should guilt be established, often through the defendant's confession or following a judicial trial, the penalty charged will be dependent on the state in which the individual was charged; as well as any aggravating circumstances that may be present in the case.

What Is A DUI And A DUI Per Se

Driving Under The Influence - DUI Attorney

The police will typically file multiple types of charges against any individual they believe may have committed a DUI to have a better chance of gaining a conviction. The traditional DUI, impairment to the slightest degree, is typically determined by judgment tests, such as a field sobriety assessment. If there is a chemical test, showing a blood alcohol content of 0.08% or higher, or illegal drugs in the blood, this is considered "per se intoxication", irrespective of whether or not judgment is impaired. DUI per se relies entirely on the results of a chemical testing.

What Is Chemical Testing?

Chemical testing by the State is an essential element for their investigation. When a driver submits to a test it is essential that he or she has consented fully and allows the authorities to draw a sample of your blood, saliva, breath and urine. The analysis of these items will help determine the blood alcohol content or illegal drugs in the blood. If the driver does not consent, the State may be able to get a search warrant for a blood sample. Additionally, a refusal will result in at least a one year suspension of the driver's license. With so much a stake, it is extremely important to contact a DUI criminal defense attorney before deciding whether or not to submit to these chemical tests.

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