Do You Need Domestic Violence Legal Defense Services?

Each year there are over 25,000 arrests for domestic violence in Arizona. The decision to arrest is often made based on who called the police. The police officer is required to make an arrest under certain circumstances, very often based on no independent witnesses and conflicting versions of what happened.

Domestic violence takes many forms. The crimes can range from assault, disorderly conduct, criminal trespass, threatening and intimidating, criminal damage, harassment, violating an order of protection, interfering with judicial proceedings, stalking, preventing the use of a telephone murder, sex crimes, kidnapping, false imprisonment, custodial interference; child abuse and homicide.

In Arizona, domestic violence often involves the following types of domestic relationships:

  1. Spouses or ex-spouses;
  2. Dating couples;
  3. Roommates;
  4. Couples with a child or pregnancy in common; or
  5. Parents and children; grandparents and grandchildren, siblings.

In many cases, the State will file charges against the Defendant and aggressively pursue those charges, even where the victim does not wish to pursue the charges and refused to actively participate in the prosecution. Victims may even change their version of the events after things calm down. The State will typically relay on the original police report in pursuing the charges. Since it is the State that brings the criminal charges, the victim cannot "drop" the charges. The victim is simply a witness for the State.

A domestic violence conviction can affect the rest of your life. In addition to incarceration, probation, court-mandated counseling, restriction on communication with the victim, and fines, you can lose valuable job opportunities and the right to possess a firearm. A domestic violence conviction can affect you in family court, resulting in loss of custody rights and restricted visitation of a child.

Often, when such crimes include minor children, Department of Child Safety (formerly CPS) may come into the home to investigate and to see if the children are in danger.

The circumstances of each case is different. There is nothing common about standing accused. First-time offenders are often placed on probation with a domestic violence counseling program, although some may be required to serve a few days in custody. A domestic violence diversion program for other first-time offenders may be possible, with the result of a dismissal of the charges after completion of the program.

If you stand accused of such a crime, contact Robert A. Dodell, Attorney at Law, now. Your freedom, your rights and your future are at stake.  It is very important that you speak to an experienced and aggressive domestic violence defense attorney who is familiar with such cases and with the Department of Child Safety.  Robert A. Dodell will assist you with the defense that you need to protect you from such crimes. Robert A. Dodell provides individual service when protecting your rights. Contact Robert A. Dodell, Attorney at Law, directly by email or by calling 480-860-4321 now for a free initial consultation.


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