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Aggressive Defense

Aggressive Defense

My primary concern is servicing my clients and making sure they get the best legal representation possible. I handle all my own cases and provide the personal touch you need.

Competitive Rates

Competitive Rates

Qualified and experienced legal counsel should be affordable to each client needing legal representation. We can provide you with some of the most competitive rates available without sacrificing legal quality.
We Know The Law

We Know The Law

Robert has been practicing criminal and DUI law for over 30 years and has handled 1000's of cases. Experience matters and Robert will defend your legal rights.

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We Focus On You

We Focus On You

Our firm offers a free initial consultation to our clients. This is a difficult time for you and your family. We handle all our own cases and we can help you.
Free Initial Consultation

We offer you more than just
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Hire a Proven Defense Backed by Experience and Results

Robert A. Dodell is your attorney that provides the personal touch. He provides personal legal services in the areas of Criminal Defense, DUI, Domestic Violence, Juvenile Defense, Juvenile Dependencies and Adoption. Criminal charges will affect a person's life significantly, effecting the entire family, employment, housing and civil rights. This is the law firm that is dedicated to you and your case.

Robert prides himself in his ability to have personal and direct contact with each and every one of his clients. Robert is involved in your entire case and committed to your freedom. He wants his clients to stay out of jail and be at home with their families. All of his clients receive the personal touch of actually working with him on their case. He really answers his own telephone. A direct line of communication is of utmost importance in providing proper legal services aimed at achieving long term trust and satisfaction.

You want an attorney that has the knowledge and experience to assist you and you want your attorney to help guide you through these most difficult times. Robert A. Dodell is that experienced attorney, practicing law for over 30 years. He will work for you and work to protect your rights and advise you during this difficult time.

Latest questions and answers

1Are flexible payment options available?

Our team believes each and every client we work with deserves the best possible legal representation.

In order to assist our clients, we provide not only payment plan options, but we also provide affordable rates prior to signing any legal documentation. Our team is dedicated to providing you the best legal defense possible by helping you with the financial obligations.

2Why is a criminal/dui attorney necessary?

Being convicted of a crime, even if it is a misdemeanor, could result in penalties such as jail time, loss of license, probation, community service, hefty fines, loss of civil rights and loss of right to have a weapon.

When you hire a criminal attorney to represent you in court, you have the best possible chance of avoiding or mitigating these penalties. Having a conviction on your record could permanently ruin your chances of employment, affect your housing and your future.

3What to expect from a prosecutor!

As a former prosecutor, we know and understand their process and how they approach a case.

We can help you understand what the prosecution will do and what they might present in court against you. We can guide you and help you understand the potential outcomes of the charges and accusations you face. It is their goal to not only convict you, but also obtain the highest possible sentencing they can. We can help you build a strategic defense and represent you as best we can.

4What to expect from our legal team!

We believe you have the right to the best possible legal counsel if charged with a crime in Maricopa County.

Our law firm works diligently to defend the rights of our clients, no matter what they are accused of doing. Whether it’s a DUI, drug possession, theft, or some other criminal offense, we believe you have the right to a fair trial, with professional counsel. Our job as criminal attorneys is to not only get you the best outcome, but to protect your legal rights from prosecutors.

5What courthouses do you work in?

We are based in Scottsdale, Maricopa County, Arizona.

We cover the courts in Maricopa County including the city courts in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa , Tempe, Chandler, Glendale and Peoria. We cover all felonies in Maricopa County Superior Courts and Federal Court.

Robert A. Dodell


  • Sensitivity towards our clients
  • Commitment and dedication
  • Licensed and experienced
  • Flexibility to work around your needs
  • Open communication
  • Attention to detail

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I am super pleased with the services of Robert Dodell. He was able to jump in after the attorney I was working with stopped answering phone calls and completely disappeared..super frustrating, so I was thrilled when I contacted Mr. Dodell and was able to meet him at his office within a couple hours. He jumped right in and took a huge weight off my shoulders. Super nice person to work with and I get the impression he is very well loved in the Scottsdale court system and amongst his peers. He exceeded all hopes and expectations as he got both my charges completely dismissed! That was unexpected and needless to say I was beyond thrilled as he made the whole process seamless and stress free. He certainly turned a very lame situation into the very best case scenario. I have already shared his name with several people I know as finally finding such a respected attorney in Scottsdale has been a daunting task!If I could give 10 stars I most definitely would. I rarely write reviews but trust me you couldn’t ask for a better Scottsdale attorney. His pricing was extremely reasonable especially after speaking with ‘other’ large firms that wanted almost triple and for that I am so grateful. Thank you again so much Robert Dodell.
Robert’s advice, guidance and compassion during my adoption process was invaluable and priceless. The end result was adoption approval and granted. Robert’s assistant Donna was phenomenal. They go out of their way to make sure every i is dotted and every t is crossed. I can't thank them enough.
Thank you so much for your excellent service and fixing my situation! I highly recommend Robert for all your attorney needs. His pricing is way fair and would recommend Robert again and use Robert’s expert services!
Robert helped our daughter find a path forward to getting a restricted license to drive after a DUI charge, and after we heard so many others say they wouldn't or couldn't help. Robert was kind, respectful, and willing to jump in, and we are so so grateful. Worth. Every. Penny. Thanks, Robert!
Robert helped our daughter find a path forward to getting a restricted license to drive after a DUI charge, and after we heard so many others say they...
Robert Dodell was very easy to work with and a wealth of knowledge, He made this situation very easy and was there every step of the way
Robert Dodell was very easy to work with, very knowledgeable, and very easy to talk to. He made a bad situation much easier and was there every step of the way.
No one expects dealing with legal issues to be a pleasant or enjoyable experience, but working with Robert Dodell proved to be both. Robert handled my case with great professionalism and care, and thanks to his skill, I was able to obtain the best possible outcome.If you are looking for a criminal defense attorney, stop looking. Robert Dodell is your guy.
Robert is an absolutely amazing attorney as well as a great man! You are in the safest hands with him he helped me every step of the way and genuinely cared about what I was dealing with. Dealing with the courts it's impossible to know what your outcome will be but Robert will do everything in his power to get you the best possible outcome. If you're in need of help and don't know who to turn to this your guy! Very knowledgeable and kind! I feel very fortunate I was able to get in contact with him, thank you Robert!
It is a pleasure to have worked with Robert Dodell. He represents personally, not through a staff of minions. He responds prompty and in detail. His guidance through a terrible time was exemplary. In fact, he changed a negative life changing experience into a opportunity to become better. My initial experience with Robert was that he had stayed awake thinking of a unique solution. That path forward proved successful. Robert established a personal relationship.
It has been a pleasure to work with Robert Dodell. He represents personnally, not through a staff of minions. His guidace was exemplary, in fact he...
Hired Robert for a legal matter and required a lawyer that was familiar with the Scottsdale court system. Robert was always easy to get ahold of same day and has a wealth of legal experience. From day one I could tell that Robert wasn't like the lawyers you see in commercials. He actually cares and doesn't see you as a number. Robert was able to get the exact result I was looking for which was not an easy feat. I will absolutely use Robert again in the future for any type of legal need. Lastly, and most important for most, the fee that I paid was well below what I anticipated.
Hired Robert for a legal matter and required a lawyer that was familiar with the Scottsdale court system. Robert was always easy to get ahold of same day...
I hired Robert to file paperwork for a Set Aside to get a old conviction Set Aside and restore my firearm rights. Robert was very helpful in explaining the process to me and kept me updated every step of the way. After a few months the Set Aside was granted by the judge and my conviction is now a thing of the past, and also my 2nd Amendment rights are now restored. I very highly recommend hiring Robert for your legal needs.
I hired Robert to file paperwork for a Set Aside to get a old conviction Set Aside and restore my firearm rights. Robert was very helpful in explaining the...
I would definitely recommend Robert to anyone in need of legal assistance in the area. He was very helpful and always receptive to hear my concerns and give timely feedback that gave me reassurance during the entire process. He also was able to get me a best case resolution for my issues.
Robert was tremendously helpful and reassuring throughout the entire process. I definitely recommend him if you are in need of legal counsel, he always kept...
Having Robert Dodell represent me was very important. He got me up to speed quickly and handled all the details. His explanations were concise but I could easily understand them. I'm thankful for his representation and would reccomend him and use his services again.
My experience with Robert was absolutely phenomenal. When seeking a lawyer I spoke with several different potentials. Robert was the only lawyer who was completely honest and upfront with me. He absolutely guided me in the right direction giving me my highest outcome. I am eternally grateful he offered me his time and knowledge. HIGHLY recommend!!
Working with Robert was great. I reside in Ohio and Robert was able to work with me from across the country. He set up everything telephonically and handled basically everything. He has been in this business a long time and you can tell he is very knowledgeable. Robert made a plan and because of that plan I got the best possible outcome. Highly recommend.
I consider myself extremely lucky to have hired Robert as an attorney, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for legal representation. Robert is extremely professional, skillful, friendly, and kind. I was able to get through some  trying moments thanks to his excellent representation, attentiveness, compassion, and comforting demeanor. The outcome of my case could not have been more favorable because he is well-known and respected in the legal system.
I would like to take some time out to write a personnel well deserved review for a very humble selfless Attorney who takes the time to care about his clients and offer a personnel interest to make a difference in peoples lives.Mr. Robert Dodell helped a proud Grandpa to adopt a 2 year old Grand baby when she was facing very challenging times of losing her family - Robert Dodell played a very import roll as our Attorney in my life and my families lives as well. We will always be grateful and thankful for his efforts.He guided us through a very critical time in our lives where we could of lost a very important member of our family.Mr. Dodell's persistence with our case leading up to the adoption process made it possible to ask the hard questions. We were able to make contact with him when we needed him the most.He took the time out of his day to make the unexpected phone calls that made the difference in our lives. He ensured our legal needs were covered and helped give the best advise he could with persistence and integrity.Mr. Dodell's paralegal took a personnel interest in helping our family as well. She was very patient while speaking with us over the phone explaining the process while requesting the information to make our case.Robert A. Dowdell's paralegal (Donna McManus) bar none was the best paralegal I have ever experienced during this process.Mrs. McManus opened our case by showing up at my door with a smile, she personally delivered the documents. We had a very nice conversation I proof read and signed everything required to complete the process.She left with a handshake and said Robert is one the best Attorney to meet your needs. His actions speak louder then words.Mrs. McManus was very personable, professional, caring, and lifted my spirits. She was a good listener, and motivated us to keep moving forward.She was there too coach us up to and prior to the court date and she close our case with a heart felt phone call saying congratulations to your newly adopting grand baby. It was a special moment with tears of joy.Mr. Robert Dodell also followed up with heart felt phone call commenting how smooth our case went compared to the norm and congratulating me for a successful adoption.Robert,Thank you for all you have done for me and my family, fighting for a little girl named Iris so that we could keep her as part of the family.I will always enjoy and cherish our conversations remembering what you done for us and how you affected the lives of my family to include my daughter.My daughter listened to your advise over the speaker phone during a consultation. She understood she needed professional help an committed to a an appropriate program to meet her needs. This may not of happened if you would not of made the phone call when you did.Once again thank you from the bottom of My heart. Mr. Dodell your actions speak louder then words and I wish you great success with your practice and all the people you may help now and in the days and years to come.Sincerely,Baby-Iris's Grandpa.Cheers!
I am most fortunate to have engaged Robert as counsel and highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal representation. Robert is most capable, professional, personable, and caring. His outstanding representation, responsiveness, compassion, and reassuring manner helped me through very difficult times. He is very well known and respected in the courts, and the outcome of my case could not have been better.
I highly recommend Robert Dodell as an attorney. when I got in-trouble Robert was there to help. I was very satisfied with the results of my case. Thank you Robert.
I highly Recommend Robert A Dodell Law. Robert did a very good job handling my case. I was very satisfied with the results.
I retained Robert in 2011 as my attorney. It was the most difficult time of my life. I felt helpless and hopeless at that point, and I was confused by the...
Very helpful, good communication made my situation a lot better to handle then trying to do it on my own. Highly recommended.
After several years of consulting different lawyers,, finally me and my husband found the one attorney who knew how to manage our case exceptionally well. Robert is definitely very knowledgeable and is someone you can trust. He managed the termination of parental rights and subsequent adoption of our 11 year old son.Robert responded every question we had, and kept us informed of every step during our case. His paralegal, Donna, is very friendly, efficient and knowledgeable as well.I highly recommend him to anyone.Thank you again Robert for making it possible!
Mr Dodell actually cares. That makes a difference. He put in great effort for me. His communication was excellent. He explained things well. His fee was...
Robert provided excellent service and outstanding communication during the entire process. He was very responsive, understanding, thorough, and kind. I would definitely work with him again if the need arises and he is highly recommended.
Having never been in a situation where I needed an attorney before, I had no idea where to start looking. Luckily, I found out about Robert through a good friend of mine, and I couldn't imagine a better outcome! Robert went above and beyond for me and my case, and even ended up getting the whole thing dismissed. He was always available to answer any questions I had, and consistently gave me updates throughout the entire process. Robert took so much stress off my plate, and I am so grateful for everything he has done for me!!!
Unfortunately received a DUI while in Arizona. Robert was very helpful and informative, being that I am from Florida I did not know how to apporoach this situation. Robert was very reassuring and made this process way smoother than I ever thought it could be.
Robert did a great job with his attention to detail, responsiveness and communication in my case. He clearly has great relationships inside the law community and can help with the best possible outcome for your case. If you want a personal touch, Robert is for you!
Robert Dodell is and great attorney. He is very helpful and responsible. Communication is key and he is on point with phone calls and emails. He helped me understand the process and made sure everything was in order every step of the way. All of the advice he gave made this process easier than I expected. His honest opinion on how thing's could go made us prepared for any outcome and I appreciated that. Everything turned out exactly the way we were hoping and i couldn't be more grateful. Thank you Robert Dodell we appreciate all of your help and hard work! I would recommend to anyone in need of a top notch attorney. Side note my fiance said Robert is the magic man!
Mr Dodell is a great communicator and very professional. Unlike many other attorneys I have dealt with in the past he cares very much about his clients and is easy to talk to. I feel I have made a life long friend and would recommend him to anyone I know! Thank you Mr Dodell!
Mr Dodell is a great communicator and very professional. Unlike many other attorneys I have dealt with in the past he cares very much about his clients and...
Great Response, Great communication and A+++++ service. Called for a small issue and he immediately took care of it from start to finish while putting me at...
Robert was a great lawyer and I would highly recommend him. He is very professional, smart and caring about you and your case. Very great communication skills, showed devotion, and passion in what he does.
I hired Mr. Dodell to restore my 2nd amendment right. I had a charge from 17 years ago that was preventing me from obtaining my gun rights. We talked about the situation and within a few days he had the paperwork ready to go. He informed me it would take around 2 months to get an answer and sure enough he was able to get my rights restored for me. I’m very happy with the hard work he put in for me. Thank you
Robert majorly saved my bacon. He genuinely cares about you, as a person. He worked with me on payment, and kept me updated through the entire process. I had to wait just short of a year to get my conviction and even then, whenever he had any information, I was updated. He always answers his phone, or if you leave a VM, he gets back to you in a timely manner. He doesn't leave you hanging. I would recommend him to ANYONE. Heck, I told my driving class about my experience, and they said they wished they had hired him instead of their lawyers haha I would come back to him in a heartbeat, even just for legal advice. He's professional, personable, compassionate, and you can definitely tell he loves his job.
Robert majorly saved my bacon. He genuinely cares about you, as a person. He worked with me on payment, and kept me updated through the entire process. I...
Robert handled my case in a professional, compassionate, and personal manner. I could always count on Robert to find creative and innovative ways to...
Robert was the most professional, caring, and concerned attorney I've ever met. He always kept communication going very well, he was always there to answer questions and made me feel as if I had someone on my side, even if I was in the wrong...He assured me prior to my court dates that he had everything covered and that immediately put me at ease. I never felt lost in the process, ever! If you need a truly caring, genuine guy who knows what he's doing....give Robert Dodell a call...seriously!
I'm a Scottsdale resident, stuck in the Midwest due to being quarantined, and needed some odd legal advice I had no idea how to address. A friend referred...
He’s been my family’s Lawyer for years now and I can honestly say he has Never let us down. Highly recommended for anyone!!
Robert was great! He stayed in contact with me at every step. He was honest and truthful abut timing and expectations. My appreciation for the work he did has no words. Thank you Robert!
Robert was fantastic. He was informative, patient and knowledgable. He took the time to explain the process and answer all of my questions. He exceeded my...
I found myself needing help from an attorney and I am pleased to have come in contact with Robert Dodell. I live out of town and he has helped me every step of the way. He was always available to answer my questions or speak on my behalf. I would highly recommend Robert to anyone needing help.
I found myself needing help from an attorney and I am pleased to have come in contact with Robert Dodell. I live out of town and he has helped me every step...
If you are looking for a trustworthy and honest lawyer it is Mr. Dodell. He will go above and beyond for his clients unlike anyone else. He truly makes you feel like family which is very hard to come by these days. One of the best in Nation!
I would definitely recommend Robert, he is knowledgeable and helpful every step of the way. Very pleasant to work with and made the process smooth.
Mr. Dodell was terrific in handling my case. He was professional, compassionate and very easy to communicate with. I would recommend him if you find yourself in a bind and need support. He was able to help me reach the best possible outcome in my situation.Thank you so much for you assistance Robert. Hopefully I don’t need your services again in the future but if so you will be my first call.
Mr. Dodell was terrific in handling my case. He was professional, compassionate and very easy to communicate with. I would recommend him if you find...
found myself needing the services of an attorney for a DUI. Like you reading this, I had no idea how to find one. After reading some stellar reviews, I called Robert Dodell. The man, first off, was available to see me quickly. I was scared, wanted to get help with a resolution. He told me straight up that he might be able to get me off, but needed to get into it first. He did not pull any punches, clearly telling me what was required penance from the State should I be convicted. His fee was reasonable. I never felt anything was out of the ordinary for his services. This man did all due diligence. He called me frequently, was available whenever I had a question. Still, I was prepared for the entire penalty. This included an interlock system, a night in jail, exorbitant fine and alcohol classes. He found a loophole in my case which I will not go into here. This loophole caused the State to present a plea deal. This deal removed the DUI, interlock device, additional night in jail and gave me a more affordable fine. Unreal. This attorney is the real deal. I would recommend him to anyone requiring this type of defense. On top of all this, he is truly a very nice person. No arrogance ever noted. I never write reviews, but felt the need to share my story and this mans name to anyone else who may find themselves in the same predicament as I have.
Robert helped me with a traffic matter that I was quite concerned about. His friendly and affable manner immediately put me at ease and it was clear he knew his stuff and the process we would be going through. The end result was the best I could possibly hope for and I give him full credit for that. I would happily recommend him to any friend or family member caught in the same situation. He's a good man and he does a good job.
Robert helped me with a troublesome traffic matter and was immensely helpful. He's easy to work with, returns your calls, and skilled at what he does. I...
Rob is the man
I found myself needing the services of an attorney for a DUI. Like you reading this, I had no idea how to find one. After reading some stellar reviews, I...
We had a family issue come up with our daughter earlier this year. Robert was outstanding! He helped us navigate a difficult situation and help us get the best outcome! I would highly recommend Robert!
Robert is the only lawyer I know who cares about his clients!
Robert will fight for you he helped me fight a felony charge , I was facing nearly up to 2 years in prison he got the charges dropped and I only did 29 days...
I was put in touch with Robert, and after a phone call outlining what my situation was a meeting was planned. Robert was absolutely professional with my legal advice and needs, and albeit I was probably a little needy with questions, he was always more than willing to listen and answer. He gave realistic timeframes, realistic conditions, and didn't really sugar coat the situation which in my opinion is what you need. Hes a straight a shooter and obviously has experience backing him. I would absolutely recommend Robert to anyone, and hopefully not, but if I need any future counsel - will be keeping his number. Thanks Robert!
Great Attorney
Excellent lawyer. My family was in touch with him on a weekly basis, with Robert answering all their questions and concerns. He was very empathetic and supportive throughout the process, communicating and leaving no doubt that things would be okay. We are happy to refer him and use his services in the future.
I would Highly Recommend Mr. Dodell. My wife and I are very satisfied with Robert and would not hesitate to call him again.
Robert is a very attentive and supportive attorney. He truly has his clients best interests in mind and does everything he can to male sure they are well represented.
Robert is/ was personable and understanding. Easily accessible by phone and email. He kept me accurately updated and did an great job of clearly explaining the process. His experience and approachable nature made for a comforting and skillful proxy. Highly recommend!
Robert was very helpful during my case. He was able to refer me to resources that ultimately helped resolve my case with the best ending circumstances...
I spoke with Mr. Dodell about a traffic violation, and must say he was extremely helpful and I felt I was in good hands with his recommendations. I...

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