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October 25, 2018
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In a world where billions of people are staying connected with one another via social media, it is no surprise that different issues can arise that would potentially cause some serious problems for people who use these different sites. Although the purpose of using these sites is to have conversations and stay in touch with loved ones, no matter how close or how far they may be, some people use social media for other reasons that can get them in trouble.


More specifically, teenagers can get into trouble when using social media in the wrong way out of spite, anger, and frustration. When these teenagers do get arrested for things they have done on social media, they need to hire a criminal defense attorney they can trust. Robert A. Dodell, Juvenile Attorney, is an attorney who takes on these special cases and works with those who are accused of serious social media crimes in an attempt to help them overcome the bad situation they got themselves into.


Cyber Bullying

One of the biggest downfalls to social media is cyber bullying. People have started to use these different social sites as an outlet for their own frustration and anger. If they are feeling upset, they may want to take it out on someone else that they do not get along with, which can ultimately lead to serious bullying. The truth is that cyberbullying is no joke and there are people who have decide to commit suicide due to the severity of the bullying going on in their lives.


A teenager may be arrested if he or she is bullying another student endlessly on social media. While the person initiating the bullying may think it is harmless, it can have such a negative impact on the person who is getting bullied, which is the reason it has become more of a crime in recent years. The juvenile criminal defense attorney can make his client fully aware of the severity of cyber bullying while putting up a defense for the client because that client may not have realized that cyber bullying could cause such emotional anguish for another person.


Cyber Stalking


Cyber stalking is another reason for teenagers to end up arrested and charged with stalking offense of another person. If a teenager is upset because the person they were talking to suddenly decided to end their relationship and start a new one with someone else, they may begin calling repeatedly. If their number gets blocked, they may start sending dozens of messages on different social media sites, some of which may even be threatening. While the teenager may be acting out of hurt and anger without realizing the impact of his or her words, this type of behavior is deemed inappropriate and is commonly referred to as cyber stalking.


Catfishing and Harassment


Catfishing is a term used to describe a person who uses another person’s pictures without their knowledge and pretends to be them instead of being who they truly are on social media. While some people believe there is no harm in catfishing, it becomes even more of an issue when the person who is doing the catfishing is arranging meetings with strangers and handing out personal information on the unsuspecting person who does not even realize their pictures are being used online. If the unsuspecting person ends up harmed or hurt as a result of the catfishing and harassment that has taken place, the teenager who stole the pictures and initiated these different conversations with strangers may be held responsible.


Although social media is beneficial for numerous reasons, some teenagers are using it the wrong way. When teenagers choose to use social media in an inappropriate way, they can end up arrested and charged with serious crimes. When those types of situations occur, those teenagers are going to need to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to assist with their case and provide a defense that could possibly help them overcome such a negative situation.

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