Why Choose Robert Dodell as your Attorney for a Domestic Violence Case?

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October 26, 2016
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November 19, 2016

Domestic violence charges are serious cases. If you are facing an arrest or are accused of this crime, you may have a million things running through your mind at this moment. One of the best decisions you can make is hiring an experienced domestic violence lawyer that can advise you and help you achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

If law enforcement is on the scene, you have no control of the situation.  Even if the alleged victim does not what to press any charges, it is the prosecutor alone that decides on whether or not to continue with the case against you. A domestic violence criminal defense lawyer is your best option to represent your case.

Another factor to consider is the presence of a restraining order. If the alleged victim sought for one, you will be prohibited from being close – or even contacting – him or her. If you and the alleged victim were married, the restraining order can apply to your children, too. You will also be forced to move out of the residence, if you’re sharing it with the alleged victim.

If this is the case – it’s still not too late. You are entitled to have a hearing after the restraining order is served. This hearing is crucial in determining whether the order is justified or not. If you have a lawyer representing you at this point, an effective and compelling defense can lift the restraining order.


Why Should Robert Dodell be your Domestic Violence Attorney?

avoid-jail-timeThere are factors left and right that can affect your case. It is urgent to take part in a comprehensive, in-depth review of every single piece of evidence and case detail if you want to have the best possible outcome.

Robert Dodell will do more than this. He will work using the best of his abilities and his extensive base of criminal law experience to provide you the best legal defense. The goal is to achieve one of the following possibilities:

  • Have your charges dismiss;
  • Win the case and prove that you are not guilty;
  • Have your charges reduced;
  • Avoid jail time;
  • Let the truth come to the surface (in case you are wrongfully accused)


Defending you against False Accusations

Believe it or not, false accusations win in court more often than you think. Some who are prosecuted are actually innocent. If you have been in a heated argument with someone in your household, it is possible for law enforcement to step in. It is easy for that other person to “claim” that you threatened or attacked him/her.

There are similar instances wherein serious accusations of crime (such as child abuse) are pressed against former partners or spouses. This is common if the other party is trying to get some advantage during a custody battle for the child.


Protect Yourself and Fight for your Rights

You have rights! One of these rights is to have an attorney to represent you. Now, it’s up to you who this attorney is going to be.

Hiring a good defense can make or break your case.  Robert Dodell has the insight on the processes of the criminal justice system.  He has years of experience with domestic violence cases.  This can be your best leverage.

Have the best possible outcome. All you need is to hire an experienced domestic violence lawyer. Learn more about Robert A. Dodell’s domestic violence case services.


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