3 Ways A Criminal Defense Lawyer For Your Teenager Can Help

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Many parents like to view their teenagers as the innocent, adorable angels they remember from their early childhood. But, parents can suddenly be confronted with an arrest of their teenage son or daughter, backed by some in-convertible evidence. So, what should a concerned parent do?

Although a juvenile arrest is quite a serious matter, raging at the police or child and losing it isn’t going to produce any positive results. At a time like this, you do need guidance and more importantly a clear head. Keep in mind that you are the parent, and your child will be looking up to you to handle the matter; which will also be a blueprint to their own behavior.

Now, you want to take the right steps to try to mitigate the harm this arrest can bring to your child. Remember that minors too have a right, and you should make sure that their rights are not violated. The best way to do this is seeking the services of a juvenile criminal defense lawyer for your teenager.


How a Defense Attorney can help with a Juvenile Case

Regardless of what crime your child is accused of committing, he or she now needs you more than ever. With the right attorney, you will be sending a message of support to them, at a very sensitive time when they need parental support the most. Keep in mind that an accusation is just that, and may not be necessarily supported by facts. A criminal defense attorney can help you in the following ways:

  1. Rights Protection

As you have probably seen in TV shows and movies, an officer can intentionally play the role of a “good cop” so that the suspect can let their guard down, and therefore reveal something devastating to their defense. Such psychological ploys are commonly used by the police because they are quite effective. It’s human nature to trust and reach out to someone who shows us compassion and kindness when we need it most. Your child could make the mistake by speaking to the officer.  A criminal defense attorney will protect your child’s rights.

  1. Release

Another way hiring a criminal defense attorney for your teenager can help in getting your child out of custody.  If the teenager is under 18 and in a juvenile facility, the child may be eligible to go home under certain release conditions.  If the teenager is over 18 and in an adult facility, he or she is likely eligible, just like any other adult.  He or she can be released on their own recognizance or on a bond.  A jail cell is not the place for your teenager to await trial.

  1. Faster Court Processes

As soon as you hire a criminal defense lawyer, the work of crafting the best possible defense for your child can commence. Time is of the essence here.  Having an attorney on board can help to ensure your child is protected.

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