10 Tips to Help You Decide What Criminal Defense Law Firm to Hire

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May 2, 2019
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Tips to Help You Find an Experienced Criminal Defense to Help You

An experienced and reputable criminal lawyer can help you face your accusers – whether you’re facing charges for DUI, theft or any other crime. But, finding the right criminal defense lawyer to work with can be difficult.

Having said that, here are 10 tips that will help you decide which criminal defense law firm to work with.

  1. Go for an experienced law firm. – Your prospective lawyer must be familiar with the specific type of crime you are charged with. It is not inappropriate to ask for a lawyer’s experience in handling particular criminal cases if you are unsure. See how your prospective lawyer fares against other lawyers in terms of experience, achievements, and recognition’s, among others.
  2. Check the lawyer for any disciplinary action from the State Bar of Arizona (www.azbar.org).  Just as you would not want a doctor who has been disciplined by the licensing agency, neither should you want an lawyer who has been disciplined.
  3. The lawyer must have experience in local courts. – Consider hiring a law firm that has considerable experience in the local court where your case is filed. Because every court has unique staff and procedures, it would be to your advantage if your attorney is familiar with the particular court.
  4. Read testimonials and reviews from past clients. – You can ask the lawyer where you can obtain this information. You can also visit review sites for the attorney on Google, Avvo and Yelp to learn what previous clients think about the law firm. You want to find a lawyer that has a good amount of positive reviews from past clients.
  5. Find a law firm you can easily communicate with. – Communication between lawyer and client is very important in criminal cases. Thus, before making a final choice, make sure you can communicate with your lawyer at all times you need to. Is the attorney accessible?  Ask the hours you can call the firm, and if they have an attorney on call who can attend to your emergency needs.
  6. Determine if you will be defended by a lawyer or a team of lawyers. – You’re in good hands if you have a single attorney representing you.  You will have the attention of one attorney, who will know all the aspects of your case and you will not be handed off to someone else. Hiring a single attorney also provides the assurance that there will be a lawyer on top of your case at all times.
  7. Your first impression is an indication of how things are. – Consider your experience when calling the law firm for the first time. The ideal lawyer must be respectful and responsive to your needs. If you had difficulty communicating with the lawyer now, how much more when you are already working together in your case?
  8. Be ready to tell your version of what happened. – Your version of the story is crucial in the evaluation of your criminal case. This is why an experienced defense attorney will ask you to prepare and do your homework. You need to relate the details of what happened leading to your arrest, as well as provide potential witnesses that can help your case.
  9. Don’t rely on guarantees. – No reputable lawyer would give you a guarantee on the outcome of your case. Anyone facing a criminal charge is likely worried and afraid. There are lawyers who will take advantage of your vulnerability by lying and promising specific results. The truth is, no one can guarantee the outcome of any case. Many factors will come into play as the case goes through the system. Guaranteeing results is unethical.
  10. Compare rates in writing. – Make sure to clarify how your prospective law firm charges their clients. Bear in mind that the most expensive firm doesn’t mean they are the best for your case. On the other hand, a firm that charges a very low fee may lack the experience you need. Ask for written quotes, then compare. Clarify how the fees work to make sure that you won’t be paying more than what you agreed to.

Follow the tips provided in this post to help make sure that you get the best criminal defense possible for your case. If you or any of your loved ones is facing a criminal charge in Arizona, contact Robert A. Dodell, Criminal Lawyer and find out how we can help.



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