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Are You Looking For An Attorney to Help With Your Adoption?

The law practice of Scottsdale attorney, Robert Dodell represents a client base of foster parents who adopt dependent children in Arizona. Effective immediately, Robert Dodell will donate a portion of legal fees to a charity of choice by the foster parents.

Robert A. Dodell, Attorney At Law, is pleased to announce that, effective immediately, he will be donating 10% of the legal fees to the charity of the foster parents choosing upon completion of the adoption. This offer expires June 30, 2018, for foster parents. The adoption does not need to finalized by that date, but attorney Robert Dodell must be retained prior to June 30, 2018, for the offer to be valid.

The Scottsdale attorney has long represented foster parents adopting dependent children through the Arizona Department of Economic Security, Department of Children Services. Robert A. Dodell adoption attorney has found those adoptions particularly important and satisfying, as it removes children from the foster care system and places them in a permanent loving home. Adopting a child is an exciting step in one’s life. It is always a privilege and a pleasure to help people who want to offer their homes and support to a child.

In the legal aspects of the adoption processes, it is critical to retain an attorney who understands the law and who will assure that all the paperwork is accurately and fully completed. Robert A. Dodell takes great pride in helping people through the adoption process. He will help prospective parents navigate the process efficiently and effectively. He will address all legal matters as the parents bring a new child into the family. Robert will assist with every step of the adoption process.

In addition to adoption legal services, Robert Dodell provides personal legal services in the areas of criminal defense, DUI and domestic violence. Additional services for juveniles include juvenile delinquency defense and juvenile dependencies.

Robert encourages prospective clients to visit the blog at for a wealth of information about all things legal. The blog posts cover a broad range of topics, written in a manner that will help potential new clients, students, and his peers. Source URL:


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