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There are so many reasons for stepparents to adopt children in Arizona. It is common that the stepparent wants to consider the child as truly their own, not just emotionally, but legally. The same can be said for the child. Often the child wants to share the same surname as the stepparent. Another crucial reason is to give the right to inherit. So whatever purpose you may have for adopting a child, it’s important to understand the legal terms in the adoption process. For best results, you can work with a reliable lawyer that specializes in stepchild adoption in Arizona.


Adopting a Child in Arizona

A stepparent can only obtain imposable parental rights over a stepchild through legal adoption. Sometimes, the biological parent will refuse to agree to a stepparent adoption, but the adoption is still possible if legal conditions exist for a termination of parental rights through a severance trial.

However, when all involved parties cooperate, the process is much easier. First, the biological parent needs to hand over their parental rights to the would-be stepparent for a successful adoption. Once the biological parents give consent to the adoptive parent, their parental rights are consensually terminated. In the end, the stepparent will have full parental rights and will be responsible for providing for the child’s financial, medical and emotional needs, inheritance, and other privileges.


Is Adoption the Right Decision for Stepparents?

Adopting a child makes a more solid family bond. In addition, stepparent also get legal responsibilities for the child just like his biological parents. But since the stepchild will need parental and financial support, adoption is lifetime commitment. Think about all the possibilities before asking the original parent to relinquish their rights. After the adoption, you will be responsible for all the needs of child. Once the parental right are transferred and you are granted full custody of the child, he will be considered your own.


Making the Adoption Process Simpler

If you really want to make sure this process goes smoothly, you need a well experienced lawyer to handle your case. When finding the perfect lawyer, consider his background. He should be knowledgeable in handling stepchild adoption cases in Arizona. After you find the attorney who will help you, you have to get started with the paperwork by filing out the Consent to Adopt form. You will also need to undergo the process called Petition to Adopt.

The Arizona State Legislature requires a social study in the adoption process. A background check is required for the stepparent. You should discuss the full process with your attorney.


Advantages of Having a Stepparent Adoption Lawyer

Since adoption is an arduous and lengthy process, you need to have your own legal counsel. This will guide you in making informed decisions before you finally adopt a child in Arizona. Your attorney will handle all the paperwork as the case progresses. He will also represent you in the legal proceedings and guide you through the court hearings. Hiring a lawyer for this matter also increases your chances of officially becoming a stepparent. Do not take unnecessary risks that could result in more expenses. Work with a reputable adoption lawyer today.

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