While looking for the right Arizona criminal defense or DUI lawyer, you may want to learn more about attorney Robert A. Dodell's 30 years of experience and the types of cases he handles. As a former prosecutor, I understand how the state is going to proceed in handling your case. I offer a free initial consultation to evaluate your case.

Criminal Case Defense

There is an opportunity for you to fight your criminal case even before it goes to court. Prior to making an arrest or filing charges, local law enforcement agencies often investigate people suspected of committing an offense. Learn more here

DUI/DWI Case Defense

Driving Under the Influence is extremely dangerous and, therefore, a very serious offense with severe consequences. Mandatory jail or prison time, stiff fines, license suspension or revocation, probation and increased insurance costs are just some of the consequences of being convicted of DUI. Learn more here

Domestic Violence Case Defense

Domestic violence takes many forms. The crimes can range from assault, disorderly conduct, criminal trespass, threatening and intimidating, criminal damage, harassment, violating an order of protection, interfering with judicial proceedings, stalking, preventing the use of a telephone murder, sex crimes, kidnapping, false imprisonment, custodial interference; child abuse and homicide. Learn more here

Juvenile Crime Defense

The juvenile court system deals with crimes committed by children, those less than eighteen years of age. The Arizona juvenile court system deals with children in quite a different way than the way the court system treats adults. Learn more here


Adopting a child is an exciting step in one’s life. It is always a privilege and a pleasure to help people who want to offer their homes and support to a child. It is important to have a lawyer who understands the law and who will assure that all the paperwork is accurately and fully completed. Learn more here

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